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September 1st, 2009

We wanted to let 12 Rounds fans know what other 12 Rounds fans thought of the new digital track release. Here are some views from around the ‘net.

From Twitter:

Cubicz: New 12 Rounds song in 11 years!! Joy! www.12rounds.net

shreenas: listening: 12 Rounds – Shine On: http://www.last.fm/music/12+Rounds http://bit.ly/KhaoP

schoolofold: Wow, @12RoundsNet newly released song “Shine On” is astonishingly awesome. Makes me melt. Download here http://bit.ly/1gP2KH

omgneroli: New song and we get to follow ‘em on Twitter? Hell yeah! RT @OkieAnnie: Hey alright. Now we have a @12RoundsNet Sweet!

ninhotline: New 12 Rounds song (from their never-released album recorded for Nothing Records) at 12rounds.net


Fifth Dream: I’m so happy to see that 12 Rounds is back. So awesome. One of my favorite bands ever. I also knew there was some reason i really wanted to see “The Book of Eli”…

Mildred Strange: It makes me so happy that 12 rounds is in pocession of their songs once more. Nice to see some familiar names from the ol’ message board!

Marissa Maish: wow i didnt even know this was still a band .. i saw you open for manson on the mechanical animlas tour in winston salem NC like 10 years ago.. you were better than manson!


xolotl: Oh man, Shine On is a fantastic track. Eagerly looking forward to more…

pcpunk: that is awesome. great to finally be able to hear some of this stuff.

Roughmother: Fuck. Yes. ! ! !

cappadocianman: Roughmother wrote:

Fuck. Yes. ! ! !

i feel the need to repeat this, vbecause this was exactly my reaction. i’ve been dying to hear more from Claudia and friends; any new 12 Rounds material would be excellent to have. “Shine On” is definitely a keeper. I hope the interest in this is strong enough that it prompts them to maybe start a new album and distribute it through different channels, so there aren’t any copyright/ownership issues.

slave2thewage: I am so in love with this track right now.

More music, views and news to come.

August 17th, 2009

12 Rounds are currently working on the score to the Hughes Brothers motion picture “The Book of Eli,” which will be released in theatres in January 2010.

Recently the band has retrieved the rights to the songs intended for their unreleased third studio album, and will be releasing some of the songs through 12rounds.net and various social networks.

Leopold Ross, a frequent contributor to 12 Rounds and current member of the band, is also working and touring with io echo.

July 25th, 2009

From Claudia Sarne:
Well well well…,my dears..It has been an age and a half..It is probable you have moved onto some other things in your lives (I certainly would hope so) ,but I was on the Facebook the other day,and I came across a 12 Rounds page,and it completely floored me.I couldn’t believe there was still anybody out there.I intend to write in to it,but I prefer to write when there is something to write about and frankly there was nothing to write about for a long time,at least not in the 12 Rounds realm (happily there is plenty to write about other things!).SO.I spoke with Atticus.We got the rights back to the record some time ago.We have gone back and forth about sticking it out and here is what we would like to do.We are mastering a few of the tracks from the record that never came out,a few of them haven’t stood the test of time and will die the death that they should.BUT some of them we still love.We would like to put a track a month out,as a MP3 (downloadable or just playable) until the beginning of next year when we will stick out an EP,with some new material and some updates to the ones that have lived and breathed with us all this time.

ANyhow,this is the tip of the proverbial iceberg.We are working lots,but on a film for now and then we intend to record these new tracks as soon as there is more than 4 hours to kill.

Much love