We don’t have any new 12 Rounds news to report, as Atticus has been busy with some other tiny side projects, such as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack, and now moving on to the How To Destroy Angels debut album. James over at Fuck Yeah Atticus Ross on Tumblr has been doing an excellent job of providing updates and flashbacks.

We do have a report of something that slipped through the cracks: “Dead Man” and “Sioux 86″ were both in the film Rise: Blood Hunter, released way back in 2007. “Dead Man” can be heard starting at 11:25, and “Sioux 86″ is at 39:11. The film is available on DVD, and there’s also a UK Blu-ray, but it’s region-free. Thanks to Tatiana for bringing this to our attention!

If you’re looking to fill up your holiday wish list, 12 Rounds was also featured on Shadow Hours, Brilliant But Cancelled Crime Dramas (includes an episode of Touching Evil), New York I Love You (the Allen Hughes segment is scored by 12 Rounds), All Over Me (features “Something’s Burning”), and of course The Book of Eli.

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