12 Rounds


12 Rounds was formed by Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne and Adam Holden in the mid-nineties when they were working together on the Bomb the Bass release, “Clear”.

The band was signed to Polydor Records after putting out a single track under their original moniker, 12 Rounds with Jesus, on a sampler cassette that was distributed with an issue of NME Magazine.

12 Rounds released their debut album “Jitter Juice” on Polydor in 1996 and toured with the Sneaker Pimps and on the UK festival circuit in support of its release.

After not achieving commercial success with their debut release, 12 Rounds were dropped from Polydor and Adam Holden left the band.

Claudia Sarne and Atticus Ross continued work on a follow-up release to “Jitter Juice” which later was released as “My Big Hero” by Trent Reznor’s label Nothing Records.

12 Rounds toured in support of “My Big Hero” with their first United States tour supporting VAST and later opening for Marilyn Manson.

The band went back to England to start work on their third album, which was to be produced by Ben Hillier and featured guitarist Kirk Hellie.

After completing tracks in England, the band went back to Los Angeles to continue work on the album with Trent Reznor and drummer Jerome Dillon.

Nothing Records was in disarray by the time the album was completed. Due to legal challenges it seemed as though the music from the third album would never see the light of day.

Recently the band has retrieved the rights to the songs, and have begun releasing the material for free on the internet on 12rounds.net and various social networking sites.

Atticus Ross has gone on to work with Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, Jonathan Davis and Korn, Saul Williams, Bad Religion and others. He has become an acclaimed and highly sought after producer and engineer. Atticus is currently a member of How to Destroy Angels, a new project with Trent and Mariqueen Reznor that debuted in 2010.

Claudia Sarne has gone on to work with Jerome Dillon on his nearLY project, but has since parted ways with that band.

Atticus, Claudia and Leopold Ross wrote and performed the score to the Hughes Brothers motion picture “The Book of Eli” after scoring the USA Network adaptation of the television series “Touching Evil”. The film and soundtrack were released worldwide in January 2010.