12 Rounds


Official Releases

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12 Rounds EP CD/12" Single

  1. Something's Burning
  2. Dog
  3. Holed
  4. Joyous
  5. *-Something (Dub) also included on 12" release

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Jitter Juice LP/CD

  1. Spitting in the Sunshine
  2. Pleasant Smell
  3. Fits Nicely
  4. Hesitate
  5. Mug
  6. Strange Daze
  7. Dog
  8. Keeling Over
  9. Something's Burning
  10. Business
  11. Barbed Wire Hair
  12. Holed
  13. Joyous

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Business/Pleasant Smell CD Single

  1. Business
  2. Pleasant Smell

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Personally EP

  1. Personally
  2. Fits Nicely
  3. Happy Hour
  4. Feel My Beard

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Pleasant Smell 12"/CD Single

  1. Album Version
  2. Rethought by Trent Reznor, Keith Hillebrandt and Clint Mansell for the Nothing Collective
  3. Rethought by Clint Mansell and Keith Hillebrandt for the Nothing Collective
  4. Sniper's Hit 'n' Run Vocal Mix
  5. Rethought by Charlie Clouser for the Nothing Collective
  6. Rethought by Steve Duda for the Nothing Collective
  7. Sniper's Regular Specials Dub
  8. Rethought by Keith Hillebrandt, Clint Mansell and Trent Reznor for the Nothing Collective

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My Big Hero LP/CD

  1. Come On In Out Of The Rain
  2. Pleasant Smell
  3. Sunshine
  4. My Big Hero
  5. Something's Burning
  6. Where Fools Go
  7. 2 Miles
  8. Bovine
  9. Me Again
  10. Mister Johnson Take a Bow


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All Over Me Soundtrack

  • 20. Something's Burning

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Der krieger und die kaiserin - Original Soundtrack

  • 6. Just Another Day (Pale 3 feat. 12 Rounds)
  • The soundtrack to the original German film.
    Also released in the US under the translated title "The Princess + The Warrior".

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The Hole - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

  • 1. Main Theme (Clint Mansell feat. vocals by Claudia Sarne)

Side Projects

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Error - Error EP

  1. Nothing's Working
  2. Homicide
  3. Burn in Hell
  4. Jack the Ripper
  5. Brains Out
  • Error features Atticus and Leopold Ross, as well as Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion and Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan.


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Bomb the Bass - Clear

  • 6. Brain dead
    Features Claudia Sarne (bass), programmers Adam Holden & Atticus Ross

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Holed (demo)

  • This was packaged on the 1995 NME promotional cassette, Fast Forward. (The song is credited to "12 rounds with Jesus")

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Neneh Cherry - Kootchi single

  • 4. Kootchi - 12 Rounds Remix

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Barry Adamson - As Above So Below

  • Produced by Atticus Ross and Flood
  • 1. Can't Get Loose
  • features Claudia Sarne on backing vocals (also featured on the Barry Adamson single Can't Get Loose)