12 Rounds

12 Rounds Rock the U.S.

Twelve Rounds recently completed their first tour of the United States in support of VAST. They played small venues across the country, and although the crowds were small, the band thrilled them just the same.
I caught up with the band in Washington, DC where I saw them play at the Bayou.
The setlist included:
Something’s Burning
2 Miles
Pleasant Smell
Me Again
Freddie’s Dead
Come On In Out of the Rain
My Big Hero

The band played as a five piece, with two guitarists, a drummer, Atticus pushing buttons and knobs and playing keyboard, and Claudia’s haunting voice carrying out above all of the sounds behind her.
Following the show I spoke with Claudia Sarne, the band’s vocalist.
Claudia commented that the band will be touring with a major Nothing artist starting in October (we speculate the band will be opening for Marilyn Manson) and that the track “Freddie’s Dead” will either be a b-side to a forthcoming single or a part of a special Nothing compilation release.