12 Rounds

12 Rounds : Second Shot

“We’re the antithesis of everything Britpop represents,” explains 12 Rounds’ frontwoman Claude. “So we didn’t go down a treat here in England when our first record came out. Our first album was rather punk and raw, and in the environment of Britpop and trip-hop, it really didn’t stand a chance.

The CD in question, 1996′s Jitter juice (Polydor), stiffed in England. But it made enough noise to get the attention of the folks at Nothing. And they weren’t the only ones. When Polydor let 12 Rounds go earlier this year, the band, which is basically a pertnership between Claude and former Bomb The Bass programmer Atticus, was courted by a number of labels.

“We were shocked by the influx of offers,” Claude admits. “But Nothing was so right for us because it’s so artistled. It’s really the difference between feeling like a handmade Bristol and being on a Ford conveyor belt.”

Two tunes from Jitter Juice were salvaged for what will be 12 Rounds’ Nothing debut. The group, which is rounded out by drummer Andy Crisp, keyboardist/guitarist Mark De Lane Lea, and cellist Stanley Adler, is currently putting the finishing touches on the rest of the album, due later this year or in early ’98.

“It’s cathartic, and the overall feeling of it is quite dark,” Claude explains. “It’s a cross between electronics and organic music. Other than that, I can’t really say-I’ll leave it for others to describe.” – MA

Matt Ashare, found in CMJ Magazine (issue 50 – Oct 97)