12 Rounds

Electronic Magazine Review of Pleasant Smell

12 Rounds – Pleasant Smell -  Nothing Records

Filled with heavily treated electric guitars, heapings of electronically derived loops, pads, samples, and topped off with a devastatingly decadent female vocal, Pleasant Smell gives a real taste of the kind of music that really needs to become “normal listening” fast.

Consisting of Claudia Sarne (with her special voice often bathing luxuriously in the lower registers) and Atticus Ross (creator of the masses of electronically derived textures, loops and sound effects) 12 Rounds will no doubt find themselves in great company at Nothing, a label well known for satisfying audiences hungry for something that’s never on the menu.

The 12″ vinyl EP we received features the actual album mix of Pleasant Smell plus four remixes by members of the Nothing Collective (including a great mix from Keith Hillebrandt and Clint Mansell) and one by the new UK band Sniper. The EP will most likely never be available commercially but the single will be included on the full length album My Big Hero, which should be available June 30th 1998.

Expect a tour later this year