12 Rounds

new 12 Rounds track titles

The band has finished up preproduction on their new album with new guitarist Kirk Hellie, formerly of Pink Noise Test and other guests in the studio. Claude revealed some of the names they have given a few of the prospective tracks for the album:

“Chicane”,which is a slow song about a girl who needs to taste the fear/excitement of death so that she can appreciate life ,but in a good way

“Ringpull”(I’ll leave that one to your imagination)


“Deadman”(which has no reference to any dead men at all but did have originally and the name just stuck)

“Shine On”

“Another Day with my FRiend”

“Big Love”

“Everything I Want (Drown)”

“HIgh Times”

The band will choose 15 songs to master for the album, which should contain around 12 songs when it is released.